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Pamela Keller Photo

Pamela Keller

Settlement Canyon Elementary School Counselor

At Settlement Canyon Elementary Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and as needed (see calendar for exceptions). 

Services Offered

Counselor Lessons in Classes

  • I visit every class every month
  • 15-30 minute lessons address topics such as kindness, bullying prevention, and managing stress

Group Counseling

  • This isn’t therapy; it’s learning life skills with other students
  • Student may be recommended by teachers or their families
  • A form signed by parent/guardian is required

Individual Counseling

  • Short-term (6-8 weeks) counseling, teaching skills one-on-one
  • Some of the most common topics are dealing with and understanding anxiety, strengths, and managing emotions


Growth Mindset

What is it?

At its most basic level, it is the belief that…

*Our brains can change and grow.

*Intelligence and ability can be increased through learning and practice.

*Mistakes and failures are opportunities to learn.

These beliefs help students be more resilient and willing to try new things. They understand that when they struggle, they are growing. They become more willing and capable learners, and they believe more in their abilities.

Be a brave learner! 

I feel proud when I work hard!      When I struggle, I grow!      I control the choices I make! 

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