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About Settlement Canyon Elementary

SCES Building front

Principal Hanson

Camille Hanson

Admin Intern Newkirk

Alison Newkirk

Principal's Message

Welcome to Settlement Canyon Elementary, home of the Badgers!

At Settlement Canyon, we take pride in our school culture built on the foundation of our core expectations: Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Positive. These expectations guide our students in their daily interactions and help create a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Be Kind: We believe in the power of kindness. Our students are encouraged to treat others with compassion, empathy, and understanding. By practicing kindness, we foster a supportive community where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Be Respectful: Respect is at the heart of our school. We teach our students to respect themselves, their peers, teachers, staff, and the environment around them. We emphasize the importance of listening attentively, using polite language, and valuing diverse perspectives.

Be Responsible: Responsibility is key to academic and personal success. Our students learn to take ownership of their actions, assignments, and behavior. They develop organizational skills, meet deadlines, and strive for excellence in all areas of their education.

Be Positive: A positive attitude can make a significant difference in one's life. We encourage our students to approach challenges with optimism and perseverance. By fostering a positive mindset, our students develop resilience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

At Settlement Canyon, we believe that these expectations form the basis for a positive school climate that nurtures the growth and well-being of our students. By consistently reinforcing these values, we ensure that our students develop into responsible, caring, and successful individuals.

Together, as a community of educators, parents, and students, we can create a nurturing environment where our Badgers can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We look forward to working together to provide the best possible educational experience for every child at Settlement Canyon Elementary.

Go Badgers!

Camille Hanson

Principal, Settlement Canyon Elementary