Settlement Canyon Elementary School

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Community Council

Community Council Meeting Dates for School Year 2018-2019
All Meetings will be held at 4:00 pm Community Council Meeting Dates

 Parent Involvement on Councils

Every school has a school community council consisting of the principal, elected teachers and parents. Parent members must exceed the principal and staff by at least two. Parent input is important in the decisions made by councils.
School improvement is the responsibility of everyone, from students and parents to professionals and public officials. As we clarify roles, expectations, and responsibilities, we increase the likelihood of each contributing significantly to this most important enterprise. School community councils are one way we can work together to make schools more successful. A council is an advisory body. All of its actions and plans are overseen by the local school board or local charter board. The tools currently available on this page, along with others being developed, are intended to encourage parent involvement and to help school community councils work smoothly and effectively.
School Land Trust Program 2018-2019
The School LAND Trust Program, established by the Legislature in 1999, distributes a portion of the earnings from the permanent State School Fund through school districts and charter schools for all public schools in the state. Elected parents and educators, along with the school principal, serve on a School Community Council. School Community Councils in each school review school-wide assessment data and prepare a plan to address the school’s most critical academic need(s). Local School Boards approve the plans, and funding is sent to each school with an approved plan before the school year begins. 
Average Distributions for the 2018-2019 School Year
An average elementary school received $62,000
An average middle/junior high school received $97,000
An average high school received $126,000
The average per-pupil distribution was $113
All these restrictions in combination indicate Congress’ concern both that the (school trust land) grants provide the most substantial support possible to the beneficiaries and that only those beneficiaries profit from the trust.
United States Supreme Court Lassen v. Arizona 1967
Settlement Canyon Elementary Funding
  2018-19                                           $61,743.68
  2017-18                                           $
  2016-17                                           $
  2015-16                                           $
Community Council
Community Council Members
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