Settlement Canyon Elementary School

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Community Council

Parents Make the Difference

School Community Councils were created to:

  • Plan for school improvement through collaboration between parents , educators, administrators, and the local school board. 
  • Make funding recommendations to improve areas of critical need at the school level. 
  • Increase parent Involvement in schoolwide decision making, ensuring the parent point of view is represented. 

Our SCES council will be chaired by a parent and will consist of elected parents and educators.  The council is required to have parents in the majority to help establish and improve parent engagement in site-based decision-making.

2021-22 Meeting Dates

Sept 15

Nov 10

Jan 12

Mar 9

May 11

Time: 4 PM Place: SCES Library

Settlement Canyon Elementary Funding

2021-22 $61,232

2020-21 $71,317

2019-20 $67,088

2018-19 $61,743

2017-18 $61,645

2016-17 $44,947

2015-16 $36,362

2014-15 $35,000


Community Council Agenda

Community Council Minutes